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Behind the Scenes – STOMP Olympic Closing Ceremony Rehearsal

Last night, after the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, LOCOG (the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) posted behind the scenes videos on their YouTube site, including a glimpse of STOMP rehearsing their piece for last night’s participation in the event.

It was the largest ever assembly of STOMP performers, with 40 performers from 13 nations representing us on stage. Added to that were 100 dancers with brooms plus thousands of volunteers. The whole ceremony was directed by Kim Gavin, with musical direction by David Arnold. Kim requested that STOMP play suspended from giant models of Battersea Power Station, Tower Bridge and the London Eye, to accompany the Beatles “Because” and Elgar’s Salut d’Amour. He also requested we take the stage for a 2 and a half minutes worth of iconic STOMP performance: a mix of BINS, POLES and WALKERS on a scale never seen before. In a rare appearance, Luke Cresswell was suspended on the London Eye, and also took part in the featured STOMP performance.

Viewed by 26 million in the UK, an estimated 4 billion worldwide, the Closing Ceremony featured a host of internationally renowned British Pop Icons… and STOMP. We’d like to thank everyone involved for all their hard work in helping make this happen, and enduring outdoor rehearsals in a repeatedly rain swept Dagenham car park! We will post official photos here soon…

STOMP cast for the Closing Ceremony: Dan Baines, Phil Batchelor, Ignazio Bellini, Paul Bend, Johannes Bohun, Adam Buckley, Omari Carter, Nigel Clarke, Simone Clarke, Nathaniel Conroy, Pedro Consorte, Luke Cresswell, Hugo Cortes, Aideen Gallagher, Paul Gunter, William Hickling, Melanie Joseph, Michael Landis, James Lane, Sarah Lasaki, Laetitia Lawrence, Jasper Little, Guido Mandozzi, Melone M’Kenzy, Serena Morgan, Fraser Morrison, Cameron Newlin, Peter Nielsen, Sune Nielsen, Arild Nyborg, Fred Nye, Andrew Patrick, Leela Petronio Mourrat, Paul Russell, Gemma Shields, Reggie Talley, Ian Vincent, Simeon Weedall, Joe White, Paul White

The soundtrack was recorded and mixed by STOMP’s Mike Roberts at The Old Market in Brighton and Hove.