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Rehabilitation Workshops

The STOMP workshops are the educational arm of the internationally acclaimed STOMP stage show. We make percussive music using everyday items such as brooms, dustbins, oil drums, tractor inner tubes, paint cans and quite literally, the kitchen sink.

In 2007 we worked in conjunction with Tony Bott and the inmates at HM Prison Bullingdon to devise a workshop that can both work within, and be of benefit to the prison system within the UK.

The performance outcome in prisons would normally be the culmination of a 3-4 week project. For the duration of the project prisoners work with two “Stompers” to devise their own interpretation of our unique genre.

The Experience begins with the basic building blocks of rhythm and invites the participants to explore performance and music incorporating time signatures, syncopation, and dynamics whilst focussing on skills such as movement, physical co-ordination, numeracy, listening and communication skills, spatial awareness and developing team work.

The project culminates in performances to all of the wings and an evening performance to families. The effect of this evening performance on the prisoners and their families is profound and cannot be over emphasized.

The STOMP workshops provide all the instruments as well as incorporating elements from within the prison, unique to the inmate’s own environments.

Benefits to The Prison:

There is no need to select or restrict the prisoners who can take part, other than on usual security grounds. It is not necessary to have any prior musical, dance or theatrical training.

There would be the possibility of prisoners who take part working towards qualifications in some of the wider key skills e.g. Working With Others, Improving Own Learning and Performance or Problem Solving; or Arts Awards. These skills are valued by employers and higher education institutions and are important to lifelong learning. The wider key skills (Working with Others, Problem Solving, Improving Own Learning and Performance) and Arts Awards are accredited qualifications within the National Qualifications Framework. (Please discuss the specific qualifications you require to be incorporated)

A diverse group of prisoners can become involved in the project. This could be as performers, costume makers, scenery builders, lighting and sound technicians or programme designers.

Taking part in the project can be incorporated into a prisoner’s sentence plan either as a target or as a motivational tool. Some prisoners who have been very difficult in the past, respond to this type of motivational programme.

Up to 40 prisoners are in full time employment for the duration of the project. It is envisaged that up to 40 prisoners would take part in the project at different stages – some in the main performing role and others helping.

What the Prison needs to supply:

A venue for rehearsal. This could be the Chapel, half of the gym hall or a workshop.

Two officers for the duration of the project. This is important for dynamic security during the project and the performance. These officers would ideally be volunteers and take part themselves.

Three or four OSGs who are able to help with vehicle movement and audience management.

On the evening of the performance it would be necessary to have staff on duty in the visitors’ reception area, the gate/gate search and the performance site. These staff would supervise the entry and exit of the audience. In past projects these staff have been volunteers from all grades.

The project would need the patronage of the Governor and a Senior Manager to succeed.


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